Applying and Tuition

NVTI Funded Attendance

Applying If you are a DVOP/LVER staff member or a manager/supervisor and your position is funded by DOL or VETS, please read the information below about the selection process for NVTI training.

The process of applying to attend NVTI classes varies by state. In general, the process is as follows:

  • Fill out an application from your state's Director of Veterans' Employment & Training (DVET) or appropriate state agency official.
  • Approval to attend training is made by the DVET and/or appropriate state agency official.
  • NVTI participants are selected from a national applicant pool prioritized by USDOL/VETS, state employment security agencies, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense and other national and state programs and agencies. Your priority level is determined by your date of hire in relation to those individuals that require training in order to meet the 18-month statute set by USDOL/VETS.
  • Once the states have notified NVTI that their participant(s) have been confirmed as being able to attend, NVTI sends a selection notice to the participants in each class via e-mail. This notice officially notifies all participants of their invitation to attend training, requests all necessary personal data for setting up travel accommodations, and includes all necessary travel information beyond the flights themselves as well as the class agenda. NVTI will distribute itineraries to each participant when they become available.
  • And finally, the participant comes to class to engage in valuable and informative training!

For more specific information, check with your local office manager or state associates for details about your state's NVTI selection procedures.

Other Participants

If you are interested in attending NVTI and your position is not funded by a Jobs for Veterans’ States Grant (JVSG) please complete the application and contact about session and seat availability. You will be enrolled in the requested class on a space available basis and will be responsible for making your own travel arrangements. Participants should arrive in Dallas by 6 p.m. (CST) the night before class begins and should plan to depart Dallas after 3 p.m. on the final day of class.