Travel Information

General InformationGetting There
Travel arrangements for participants are made by the NVTI Travel Team.
Monday – Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm EST
Phone: 844.423.8872
Travel inquiries:



NVTI will make hotel reservations for all participants. A rooming list will be given to the hotel with names of participants per session.
*Federal employees are responsible for paying their own lodging and all applicable taxes.



All meals will be provided on days of the training session. Dinner will be provided the evening before the first day of the session. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on the last day of the session.


DrivingDriving to NVTI
If you elect to travel to Dallas using your privately owned vehicle (POV), you will be reimbursed at the prevailing federal per diem mileage rate, not to exceed the cost of the lowest federal round-trip airfare. Be mindful, lodging and food costs during your travel is your own responsibility. Reimbursement for your mileage may take 4-6 weeks.
Flying Flying to NVTI

Most NVTI participants travel by air to Dallas. Once you have been selected and confirmed for a training session, NVTI will contact you directly to make your flight arrangements. You will be required to provide specific information per the TSA guidelines as well as other important information. Please note: lodging and food costs during your travel are your own responsibility.

NVTI will book flights (or train tickets) with the federal ticketing system so that you arrive in Dallas the day before the training begins and depart after 3pm on the last day of the training session. Once the ticket is booked, changes cannot be made.

You will receive your itinerary via email which will list the details of your travel. Please review your itinerary as soon as you receive it to make sure all the information is correct. Should you have any questions, please contact NVTI Travel Team immediately.

All air and rail tickets will be E-tickets. All travelers must present valid photo identification for check-in and it is recommended to bring a copy of the E-ticket. Baggage fees for the first bag only will be reimbursed. Heavy baggage fees or other fees are not reimbursable. Lodging and food costs during travel will be your own responsibility.