Making Careers Happen for Veterans: Community of Practice

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“What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other?” George Eliot
“Everybody is smarter than anybody.”-Carl Sanberg

community of practice is a group of professionals with common interests or concerns that collaborate and connect in a shared location to educate, support, cultivate, and encourage one another. The National Veterans’ Training Institute’s (NVTI) Making Careers Happen for Veterans (MCHV): Community of Practice bridges the gap on best practices and challenges that exist for those in the public workforce investment system serving veterans. The MCHV: Community of Practice allows veteran service professionals throughout the nation to share best practices, concerns, questions, and collaborate with over 15,000 community members. Its purpose is to bring veteran service professionals together in one place to discuss the questions and challenges they may have in an open forum.
Some valuable resources that can be found in the MCHV: Community of Practice are:

  • A blog feature, where individuals can post a technical question to the Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Education and Training Service (VETS) staff.
  • Information on topics of interest, to include veterans with significant barriers to employment, serving Native American veterans, or serving rural veterans.
  • Community members can post upcoming job fairs and information for employer presentations and nationwide job openings.
  • Various webinars, including Accommodations, Resources and Strategies to Help a VeteranServing Rural Veterans, and Discovery and Customized Employment.

NVTI wants to ensure the MCHV: Community of Practice brings value to its members. They have dedicated Mr. Greg Davis, NVTI Instructor, to facilitate discussion and monitor feedback within the community. NVTI strongly encourages students and alumni to visit the MCHV: Community of Practice frequently to connect, share, and collaborate. With the support of NVTI program participants, the MCHV: Community of Practice can provide relevant and timely information to help reinforce the development of and support for veterans nationwide. 
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