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Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month honors the contributions and influence of Asian Americans
and Pacific Islanders to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States.
NVTI will be releasing the podcast Serving Asian American, Native Hawaiian,
and Pacific Islander Veterans later this month.
Check out all NVTI podcasts at the link below.

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Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month is dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues and promoting
good mental health practices while aspiring to decrease the stigma associated with mental health conditions.
For resources on suicide prevention, mental health, and burnout, follow the link below.

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Military Appreciation Month

May is Military Appreciation Month, dedicated to honoring and recognizing the contributions,
sacrifices, and service of current and former members of the armed forces.

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Welcome to the National Veterans’ Training Institute

Learn more about NVTI and our role in serving those who support veterans.

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With more than 15 courses designed specifically for JVSG staff,
you can find the training that’s right for your role.
Gain the knowledge and skills you need to better serve veterans
seeking employment.


Welcome to the National Veterans’ Training Institute

The National Veterans’ Training Institute (NVTI) provides specialized training and professional skills enhancement for veterans’ service providers staff. Focusing primarily on training individuals who help veterans secure long-term employment, NVTI is committed to ensuring that those who are tasked with this critical responsibility have the knowledge and tools necessary to perform their jobs effectively.

We are proud to partner with those who support the veterans who have served our nation.