ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act
ADVETAssistant Director for Veterans’ Employment and Training
AJCAmerican Job Center
ASVETAssistant Secretary (of Labor) for Veterans’ Employment and Training
BLSBureau of Labor Statistics
BSRBusiness Services Representative
BSTBusiness Services Team
CECustomized Employment
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CMCase Management
CPConsolidated Position
DODDepartment of Defense
DOLDepartment of Labor
DOLEWDepartment of Labor Employment Workshop
DVDisabled Veteran
DVADepartment of Veterans Affairs
DVETDirector for Veterans’ Employment and Training
DVOPDisabled Veterans’ Outreach Program
EOEmployer Outreach
ESGREmployer Support of the Guard and Reserve
ETAEmployment and Training Administration
FCJLFederal Contractor Job Listing
FUTAFederal Unemployment Tax Act
FFYFederal Fiscal Year
FYFiscal Year
GAOGovernment Accountability Office
GBMGrant Based Measures
GGDGuided Group Discovery
GORGrants Officer Representative
HDMHiring decision-makers
HVRPHomeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program
ICSIndividualized Career Services
IEPIndividual Employment Plan
IVTPIncarcerated Veterans’ Transition Program
JVAJobs for Veterans Act
JVSGJobs for Veterans State Grants
L&CLicensure vs. Certification
LMILabor Market Information
LVERLocal Veterans’ Employment Representative
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
NASWANational Association of State Workforce Agencies
NAVNative American Veteran
NONational Office
OASAMOffice of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Budget
OASVETOffice of the Assistant Secretary for Veterans’ Employment and Training
OFCCPOffice of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
OJTOn-the-Job Training
OPMOffice of Personnel Management
PHIProtected Health Information
PIIPersonal Identifiable Information
POCPoint of Contact
POSPriority of Service
PTSPost-Traumatic Stress
RAVETRegional Administrator for Veterans’ Employment and Training
RIFReduction in Force
RORegional Office
RVECRegional Veterans’ Employment Coordinator
SBESignificant Barriers to Employment
SDPService Delivery Point
SDVSpecial Disabled Veteran
SGASolicitation for Grant Applications
SPOCSingle Point of Contact
STARSituation, Task, Action, and Results
SVCState Veterans’ Coordinator
SWAState Workforce Agency
TAGTechnical Assistance Guide
TAPTransition Assistance Program
TEGLTraining and Employment Guidance Letter
TENTraining and Employment Notice
UCXUnemployment Compensation for Ex-service Members
UIUnemployment Insurance
USCUnited States Code
USERRAUniformed Service Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
VAVeterans Affairs
VAROVeterans Administration Regional Office
VAMCVeterans Administration Medical Center
VEOAVeterans Employment Opportunity Act
VETSVeterans’ Employment and Training Service
VOAVolunteers of America
VOWVeterans Opportunity to Work Act
VPAVeterans Program Administrator
VPLVeterans’ Program Letters
VPSVeterans Program Specialist
VR&EVeteran Readiness and Employment
WDBWorkforce Development Boards
WIAWorkforce Investment Act
WIOAWorkforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
WIPAWork Incentive Planning and Assistance