NVTI CoP – Know Your Community!

When you take an NVTI class, you don’t just complete your training and call it a day. Think of an NVTI class as a formal invitation into the NVTI learning community. Through NVTI Student Central, you have access to a variety of resources. One great resource is the NVTI Community of Practice, Making Careers Happen for Veterans. You can navigate to the Community of Practice through the NVTI Student Central homepage.

The Community of Practice is a fantastic opportunity to network with other professionals in your field, stay in contact with them, and expand your own professional knowledge, all through a dynamic and engaged community in NVTI Student Central where members share their own experiences and lessons learned.

In Making Careers Happen for Veterans, the main page is set up for easy navigation with recent posts and links to various resources. The bulk of the community is under the topics tab. Every folder on this page has information regarding the specific topic it’s named after. You can create your own posts and discussions in any topic—you have full access.

One of the best tools you can use through the Community of Practice is the ability to contact Department of Labor employees directly through “Ask a Fed.” If you have any questions about laws or regulations, you can post your questions there and a DOL representative will answer them, and even possibly expand upon it or create a new topic in the Community of Practice.

Communities of Practice are a unique opportunity to connect with people in your profession. Through Making Careers Happen for Veterans, you’re already connected to thousands of people—now it’s just a matter of joining in the conversation!

If you cannot access Making Careers Happen for Veterans, contact [email protected] for permission. You may also submit any questions you have about the Community of Practice and someone will assist you.