Get the Word Out in 2017: Veterans Add Value to the Workforce

On the morning of February 24, 2017, the Department of Labor’s Tim Green and Mika Cross—the Director of the Office of Strategic Outreach and the Strategic Communications Lead, respectively, from the DOL’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS)—conducted a meeting with representatives and partners from Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) and private-sector organizations.

The meeting was multipurpose, and key questions were answered. The longest and most important question: In 2017, how are VSOs (at Federal, state, and local levels) positioning themselves and their work in order to have the greatest impact on veterans seeking employment and career development, before, during, and after their initial transition from military service? The shortest and most important answer: Every day, in so many ways.

Whether you’re a veteran yourself, someone who knows or works with veterans, or can simply help spread the word, there’s a lot you can accomplish just from sharing free online content with your own networks.

So what are some new or ongoing opportunities out there for veterans and potential employers?

Programs, services, and career aids for veterans and employers:

There’s so much information, support, and content out there already, but veterans service orgs and communities can always use more help getting their message out. As Mika Cross put it at the beginning of the meeting, “Communications is vitally important to what we do.”

Get the word out to employers looking for their next great hire, share resources with the veterans in your community, and connect with VSOs on social media (and follow @DOL_VETS on Twitter!).