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Step 1
Download the NVTI application form and complete all sections.


Step 2Locate your state’s DOL Directors for Veterans’ Employment and Training (DVET) by visiting


Step 3Send your completed application form to the DOL Directors for Veterans’ Employment and Training (DVET). Do not send completed application forms directly to NVTI. 


Registration and Approval Process for the 9610 Series: Submit applications for the 9610: Career Coaching for Special Populations series to NVTI Student Services with a copy to the appropriate Director of Veterans' Employment and Training (DVET). To ensure an equitable assignment of students from all states and regions, the NVTI Lead at the Department of Labor (DOL) will finalize the selection of students for the class roster. After the roster is approved, NVTI will send confirmation emails, including information about virtual or in-person classes, and any relevant travel information. Registration does not carry over – there is no waitlist, so students that were not registered need to reapply for the series.

Please note that in order to provide the best student experience possible, registration for virtual and online cohort classes closes two weeks before the first day of class. In-person class registration closes one month before the first day of class.