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All Scheduled In-Person Classes to Be Held Virtually

The National Veterans’ Training Institute (NVTI) will continue to hold its regularly scheduled in-person classes virtually until further notice.

Virtual classes are live, instructor-led events where students have a dynamic, engaging, and collaborative experience that mirrors closely in-person classroom events. Virtual classes benefit from support staff who assist with technical issues helping to ensure a smooth learning experience for students. Learn more about virtual classes at
We will be closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and state re-opening actions to determine when it is appropriate to resume in-person classes. Our plans to return to regularly scheduled in-person classes will align with the guidance provided by the federal government, including establishing near- to mid-term processes that allow for normalcy while maintaining safety protocols and practices.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact NVTI Student Services at or 844.423.8872.

For DOL VETS COVID-19 Questions and Answers for State Workforce Staff, please click on the following link:  

Virtual Class FAQs:

What does a virtual class look like?
If you’ve taken the 1-hour course kickoff session for any of the NVTI online cohorts, Legal Guidance Affecting Veterans Employment Services, Removing the Employability Gap for Veterans with SBE, or Veterans’ Benefits Online, then you’ve seen our virtual classroom space. Virtual classes will have a live instructor teaching the course. We use a software called Adobe Connect Pro that allows your instructor to show slides and share their screen, allows you to talk and type to the whole group, as well as to individual classmates in private chats, and allows for small groups to collaborate on exercises in breakout rooms. The virtual classroom experience allows for a great deal of collaboration and conversation.

What equipment do I need to take a virtual class?
You need a laptop or desktop computer (mobile devices and tablets are not recommended) with internet connection. You may take the class with wireless internet but some individuals in lower bandwidth locations find it helps to be hardwired. Because the audio for these classes is Voice Over IP (VOIP), you will also need a headset with a microphone. Many participants use the headsets that come with their mobile phones and simply plug them into their computers. It is recommended that you use a wired headset versus one that connects via Bluetooth.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Student Services at or 844-423-8872.

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