Serving Veterans

Completing the Individual Employment Plan

In this microlearning, learn how to work with a veteran to create an Individual Employment Plan (IEP) as one of the critical steps to help the veteran develop their skills and work toward a fulfilling career. It is important to note that the IEP reviewed in this microlearning is a suggested template and some states may have their own templates and forms. Always follow the direction of your state or region.

Download the suggested IEP template used in this video here.

Eligibility and Intake Triage Process

Click here to access a PDF version of this video.

You may also access the following items by clicking on the titles that follow: Intake Process Flow Chart; a SAMPLE Eligibility Triage FormTRADUCCIÓN formulario de TRIAGE para Veteranos en los AJCs; and Triage Questions and Answers.